Sunday, May 11, 2008

Technical Issues

Oops.. I seem to be having technical issues. Lappy may have to visit the tech support lab.

In the mean time, the trees are pretty close to finished. They have been tucked away in the grove for a bit to mature while other things step to the top of the to do list.

Today I
-built a old lady puppet body (which got reworked but was way fun to do)
-tailored her the ugliest dress ever (pic to follow)
-tailored a gown for a skelton
-made various little things like dyed shirt, bow ties and opera scarves\

Over all it was fun build day. Pictures to follow when I get onto my own computer.

1 comment:

Chewy said...

Hello, this is your personal technical support worker, is there anything I can help with over the phone or is it going to be dropped at my house soon?? :)

Pics all look great, I hope you are having fun. Bring back sushi.