Sunday, May 4, 2008

On to New Things

I finished up my day job on Friday. Things ended up kind of garbled in the end as to my status, between jobs, union arguments and near miss on a strike it was kind of crazy. So - I took two weeks off to make some puppets in Ottawa with my friend Matt. I'm going to try and post everyday to show the process and our progress making these guys.

The basic premise is a giant talking tree. He has to be puppeteered by the performer,on stage quite simply. There will also be a bird, with giant wings that unfurl. The trees need to be able to come apart for transport. Everything is being made in duplicate so one set can be performing while the other is stuck and moved. So.. this is what was ready to go when I got here today.

I'm including a picture of the mech for those of you who are interested (Hi Paul!).

By the end of the day, after my glue, foam and a small mech rebuild we have this.

I'm pretty pleased. There is also a small amount of foam work done on the bases but frankly I was so cold and miserable after working outside this afternoon I just wanted to get it packed up and done for the day.

More tomorrow......

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Cracklin Creations said...

Thanks Bea!! The trees look really cool so far!