Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi Honey, I'm Home...

Coolio. I'm home after days and days of fun builds and lots of hard work, not to mention a bit of sushi. Apparently ol' Lappy enjoys fresh northern air as well cuz I convinced her to download some pictures for our viewing pleasure.

I teased you a bit with the horror wonder whom is Fat Boy. This is completely Matt's magic at work, I just get to play at the edges of it some days!

To give you an idea of the process, this is Fat Boy's bust, no colour at this point.

On from that, the next shot is him assembled. He has a foam body over a plastic core, wrapped in fabric and then painted and sculped in latex. Notice the swav new clothes he's sporting at this point. It has to look good, to look bad later.

Then, after Matt waves a magic wand over him and I work for a while on his clothing, he looks like this.

Is that cool or what?!? A close up for those of you not squeamish. Keep in mind that this is a 1/4 scale puppet.

This is the only completely finished puppet after my 10 days at the studio. Lots of starts happened on a LOT of puppets though. I'll keep everyone up to date.


Cracklin Creations said...

WOW!! I would have loved to be sitting in on the making of this puppet! He looks so cool!! When do we get to see the rest of them? Huh?

Chat Noir Books - A Voice in the Wilderness said...

Nice Maggots.

Beaweezil said...

Nothing else is finished at this point but I'll keep everyone updated.