Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's On the Table

Well.. it's kinda on the table. In fact it's in a basket getting drug all over the house. My first true lace.. I don't want to give details, it's a Christmas present and the name will give it away with BIG FLASHY LIGHTS. I don't know that the giftee reads this, but they may.

Isn't it pretty....

Saturday, May 26, 2007


The chicken viking hat
is done! The drumsticks are almost a complete match. I'm thrilled. It wasn't perfect substitute for yarn but damn close. Cottontots by Berdina. It sure wouldn't stand up to frogging, a good tug snaps it and there was lots of tugging in those little freakin' drunsticks. I would highly recommned this pattern!

By the way, it's visiting the crabapple tree in my back yard. A couple of days after this photo it exploded in bloom. Everytime there was a breeze I felt like I was living in a music video covered in petals. Doesn't get any better than that...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's On the Table

I have been working very hard the last week or so. This is one of three bridesmaid's dresses that are very close to being done. The flaw in the "Get Them All Done On the Long Weekend" plan was that the prototype dress was never hemmed. Therefore we never saw the hem to see that a blind hem in this satin is impossible. So.... all three dresses are hemless awaiting first a sample from me of one more type of hem and the the bride to choose what she likes.

First I am taking a couple of days "off". Off is qualified as there will probably be at least one day of wardrobe planning for my zombies. Other than that, rest, recreation and wardrobe planning is a holiday in my world.

Happy happy....

ps.. no sign of a mama bird, I may have some orphan eggs on my hands.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Look at what I noticed today. I will keep an eye on it for sure, it's right beside my door. I wonder if I will disturb them? I suppose the nest has been built and eggs laid before I noticed so the birds must know I'm there!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Look What I Got Done!

Look! I still knit. These are the Rainforest colour way from Lime & Violet.The fabric they knit up is so smooth and soft... and really dense. These babies are gonna last. They are a pretty vanilla sock, I jumped off from Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules basic sock and made them in a 3x1 rib. That's why they took so long. I thought they would be good travel knitting but nope, just kinda boring.

So I started the STR Inside Outside sock next. All the chatter on the blog about fitting problems and cable problems really have me intimidated, so I jumped in. So far they seem big, I will soldier on and if they are quite big the legs will become a rib and I have a great Christmas present ready to go.

And now for the announcements.... this is not a really exciting post but I'm learning something new... links! Let me know if anyone has any problems.

Edited: The links didn't add first time, lets see now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mystery Flowes

This is a mystery plant. It was living on the lawn, for I dunno, 10 years, probably more since there was a bed there. Every spring there would be a little orange flower and I would think, "I should move that." Well last year I remembered at the right time and look what I got!

What did I get? Any ideas?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Garden Season

Today I feel like I have really started gardening season. I cleaned out the compost, moved the compost bins to kill a new section of lawn and planted asparagus. This is noteworthy, I have wanted asparagus for a long, long time. In fact so much I have been responsible for two other beds being planted at friend's houses. I now have my own.

While cleaning out the compost I made some discoveries. The bags, labelled compsostable that came as shipping packaging I put in last year are, in fact not even a little bit biogradable. I mean, look at that picture, those are completely functional, usable, albeit dirty plastic bags. After a year of biodegrading! The only other things I had to dig out were the usual assortment of sticks, small logs and corn cobs and of course the wooden spoon that is 2 years in and still completely solid! Nothing like a good compost challenge to keep it interesting.

I'm a geek.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fibre Content

Ummm... yeah, about that fibre stuff. I do still do it. This is the first stab at a Chicken Viking Hat I did mess up the decrease/texture near the top but decided to leave it because I really don't think I'm going to have two drumsticks, that match, facing in the same direction first time round. We'll see!

As Promised

The pic of me dancing.... I am the one blurrily laughing off to the left. You didn't really think I would publish a picture of me doing anything quite that ridiculous that wasn't blurry did you?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A complete success!

I am home, Grampa has been officially, loudly and racausly declared 90. There's no going back now! I sincerely wish for everyone that you live to 90 and have the both the balls and the means to throw yourself a party. Not just any party though, a party with at least 4 generations present, a live band (with fiddles) and caters (so none of the previously mentions 4 gens have to do the dishes!)

When I am home later I will post some pics that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I cannot square dance - at all. I can however bust a serious groove later to a great band at the bar with my little bro!

Be happy.