Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is This Battle Fatigue?

Seriously, how can I possibly be this tired?! I don't feel I did that much today but I'm just wiped.

We did beat the weather, it was forcast clear for the morning and I used every last dry minute to finish things up. I think that is what is so tiring, finishing. This isn't the sexy part of building something. No big impact, more quality control. Make sure the edges are all solid, build finishing bits, glue seams. This all takes so much time but when you stand back, very little has changed visually but this work is what makes sure these trees will survive a very busy touring schedule.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be dry and there will be a grande finale shot of the tree(s). Then, clean up, a bit of down time and on to the next build - two birds to interact with Mr. Tree. Maybe look at a bit of zombie tailoring for fun while mechs are being built.

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Cracklin Creations said...

Ugh! I suggest a good stiff drink then curl up in a nice warm chair and read a book. Take care Bea *grin*