Tuesday, February 27, 2007


These baby blues are my New Year's socks. I flew to Ottawa for New Year's and of course needed something to work on in the plane.

These are Hedera by Cookie via Knitty. The wool is a vintage superwash from the local Sally Ann. There's definitely something to be said for 50 cent wool! I hope that balances out the wool that is a bit more than that.

Overall, a good pattern resulting in a good sock. They fit well and in fact this scan is after quite a few wearings and washing. Good stuff.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Catch Up

I'm going to play some catch up and post projects I've finished up since the New Year.

A dear friend saw thrummed mittens and fell in love, so she picked up supplies. Then of course, she called me, told me about them and said, "I have no idea how to make them but I'm sure you'll figure them out."! Well, we figured them out.

We both worked off to the freebie pattern from Yarn Forward, in Ottawa. I used Patons Classic Wool in Bright Red and hand dyed sliver from Fleece Artist called Wensleydale Teeswater. In retrospect I think the sliver was too smooth and fine, as you can see the mittens already have quite a halo and I'm not sure how the thrums will hold up. They are super soft and cozy though. Also, I'm not sure I'll make many of these, the prepping and inserting thrums sure interfers with the rhythm of knitting and is SLOW.

All in all, a success if I do say so myself.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Diving In

I think everyone starts their blog by saying, well, here goes... or some other inane statement of beginning. I am doing this because I enjoy other people's blogs, I'm interested in tapping into this community and also I'm looking for a venue for showing off my fun projects without subjecting people to them. If you are here, you're interested. That's fabulous. Bear with me through the learning curve, this is going to be fun (I hope!)