Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Where Have I Been Hiding?

I started with this quite a while ago.

Which while being picturesque and all, turned out to be a bit too far gone to rescue. So, I pulled it down and built this.

Now I have taken part in the building of quite a few buildings I figure for someone who doesn't get to do these things for cash. Even with lots of help from my family, and my friends, and my family some more.... I had no idea. Jeez. It's not really even done, roofing this weekend, siding, well, when I feel like getting back to it but it's been forever in the build. However yesterday these lovely ladies moved in.

One friend has already commented, "They're bigger than I expected." Yep, I am finally conceding to some limitations and raising little yellow fuzzy things up to this state takes a lot of care and attention and more brain cells than night shift allows. So, these are nine chickens, all raised to various states of maturity by an amazing breeder, Jim Hopkins, who lives in the area and has forgetten more about chickens than I'll ever know. Certainly not a factory farm.

Oh yeah, and I knit a bit.