Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solar Oven

I found these instructions for a cheap and cheerful set up that I had to try. The windshield shade cost me $12 at Canadian Tire. A little more that what was mentioned in the article but hardly prohibitive. My pot is brown (with some funky 60's white detailing), hopefully dark enough to soak up the rays. While I was setting it up I had my hand on it contemplating the wind issue and immediately noticed how hot my hand and wrist got. This should work!


The oven is set up and hopefully starting to work.

I soak some chick peas overnight. They are in there with lots of water, a dash of salt and a bay leaf to keep it interesting.


Well, I don't know that the thermometer is going to work. It's a meat thermometer and may not work for ambient temperatures. Everything is heating up for sure though, the pot lid is too hot to hold and the water is pretty warm.


Not much has changed. The thermometer wasn't working so it's inside the pot now.


The temperature is sitting just over 40 degrees. It may cook those beans by this afternoon at this rate, maybe not. I don't think this is the solution for world hunger!?

Well, 1700 and I give up. The temps inside never made it above 50 C. That's not even boiling.Today was quite warm reaching at least 25 outside. I wonder if I need another layer? The article talked about a 'cooking bag' but I'm not comfortable with the idea of plastic reaching those sorts of temperatures. More research is needed.

I finished up the chick peas inside on the stove. Later tonight, hummous. Yay!

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