Monday, June 22, 2009

Independance Days

Independence Days is a call to action I read about on Sharon Astyk’s blog and is an effort to get people thinking about their food sources and working towards independence from the (more and more) unreliable factory food system. You should read her thoughts on the subject. She is far more eloquent than I.

A major factor for me was the car accident I was in late February. I didn’t live at home for almost three months. Currently I’m home and thrilled to be here. I’m getting around with a cane (except when I stubbornly leave it behind to try and carry more stuff!) So things are behind, getting things done takes way longer to do that it used to and I’m trying to be ok with that.

So on to the weekly update:

Plant Something: I potted up the basil and rosemary (purchased), put some pumpkin and squash seeds in the newly mulched bed (not hopeful there, the chicken manure hasn’t mellowed enough), expanded the asparagus bed by 18 plants.

Harvest Something: Rhubarb, asparagus, eggs

Preserve Something: Rhubarb pickles

Reduce Waste: This is a day to day thing for me, can’t think of anything extraordinary.

Preparations and Storage: Does expanding the front veg garden count? I had to finish cleaning out the chicken coop from the winter’s deep litter system and had way more ‘stuff’ to deal with than compost space. So I sheet mulched with newpaper and dumped the straw/manure there. I did throw some seeds in it but it’s too fresh to grow anything this year I would think. Tried out an idea for a solar oven. Not a huge success there but I learned things and I will try again there. Also I taught myself to spin! That's worthy of an entire post on it's own.

Build Community Food Systems: gave away the excess eggs, shared the pickles so others could try the recipe. Seriously, what to do with all of this rhubarb is a community issue?!

Eat the Food: Finished off another jar of Apricot Jam from two seasons ago, had lots of eggs. Snacked on the last of the asparagus. Made rhubarb crisp. Baked and ate lots of bread.

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