Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

So the talk last night was the degree to which we were going to get slammed by a storm. Seems it's all for naught at there's not sign of it on the horizon of the weather sites. Oh well, I'm still off to do errands which for me, oh small town dweller that I am, involves the best part of a day. Of course factor in a little socializing in there for balance.

The scanner thing isn't really working for me. I'm not really pleased with the scan of my mittens, the Hedera sock isn't all bad but this morning I tried some Jaywalkers. Nope, they don't really fit on the platen, the shaping won't lie flat, over all it turned some nice socks into some nasty looking stuff. So... I hereby declare that I will buy a camera. I'm not going to sit and wait for the cash to fall out of the sky for the ulitmate coolest camera, the little one will do for blog shots and web work for now.

So to keep things interesting, here is a small pic from the hard drive. This dress was destined to be Ms Scarlett although politics rendered it useless. Too bad, it's pretty. It's a pattern of my own and the lovelyest red taffeta.

Have a great day

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