Saturday, March 24, 2007


Wow, I started this blog only to get just hammered on too many fronts. I've been fighting some sort of bug, sitting and slacking way too much. Then I got some FABULOUS work news that is just too big and scary to talk about here. When there are contracts and cheques I'll believe it for real. Until then I have to finish all of the jobs I have committed to by then end of April to free up my time. So... sew.. like the wind, no down time is the only way I am going to pull off this work load. Regular job, extra job, prep for dream job and the summer volunteer job... don't forget to squish some neices in there in the middle and finish the kitchen reno.

Some low level cool news includes that I am going to be getting a camera when I deliver and am paid for a small contract next week. Woot!!

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