Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm back....

I'm home... and it's Fall! Crazy. Some of the trees in my yard are even naked and I missed the entire thing. Some look like this.

This looks like what may survive of the harvest of the mystery plant of '08. Every year there seems to be something sprout in the compost. This year it was pumkin with the biggest, craziest vine I have ever seen. It was HUGE! Most of the fruit got blossom end rot but I did save this four beauties. I wonder if they will ripen? If they don't, they still look like a whole lot of chicken food. Of course Garm is home with me and demanding as ever. I missed him too.

When I checked on the 'Girls. I found the most amazing brown egg ever. My friends who looked after them for the two weeks said someone had started laying brown eggs. Wow, they are super pretty. If I figure out who is laying these, she may be a candidate to over winter. I'm thinking it's the Moran, she's the only odd one out, and she hadn't started laying yet.

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