Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beading Workshop

Last night I went to a Beading Class held by Connie Boyd of the Silver Moccasin. Our teacher was Hank Rodgers whose beadwork is just beautiful. Check out some of his stuff. It's going to be a long time and a whole lot of practise to even begin to live up to his work after one little three hour class. Thanks Hank and thanks to you Connie for putting this all together.

This is Hank and Connie hard at work.

These are some of Hanks moccasins. (Photo credit goes to Connie at the Silver Moccasin.)

and really.. what's a fun class without sharing it with friends. Thanks for getting me out of the house for this one Val!

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Chat Noir Books - A Voice in the Wilderness said...

I wish I had been fit for company that night. Looks like it would have been fun.