Friday, September 19, 2008

The Haunted Barn

We have put in some long hours on the haunted barn. Things are looking really good, but not quite done yet. The plan was to get it done today. That just didn’t happen. Things always take longer than what you think.

I’m at my Grandfather’s for the weekend and outside on the line are a couple of shredded sheets I dyed in a dip bath. They weren’t dry when I left the farm so I bundled them up and brought them here to dry. I wonder what the neighbours think they are?

These pics are of the barn interior, they aren’t the best. Things are lit with a lot of coloured floods, flickering lights and strobes on hidden switches. The overall look is really effective. There are also alot of different textures and levels to walk on that are disconcerting. All in all, people are going to be scared!


Chewy27 said...

Great looking shots. I am sure you are beat right now, but it will look sweet when it is all done.

Annie Biotix said...

This could easily be in an ohGr Video