Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

Christmas knitting and night shift have been dominating my world that last few weeks. This is some of the things I got done. Others I didn't get pictures of, I'll work on that over the next few weeks.

These are two pair of Target Wave Mittens from Norah Gaughan's book Knitting Nature. I made a pair for each of my nieces. This was an interesting knit, the construction is intriguing as are all of Norah's patterns I'm attracted to. The second pair went together a little better after I got my brain around how they worked.

This is a pair of plain men's socks. Pardon the pic, they really are too big for me. They are off living with a friend now.

This is a pair of Anemoi Mittens, pattern by Eunny Jang. These, I've actually had done for a while and they're for me. I've gotten tonnes of compliments whenever I wear them. The yarn is fun, the brown yarn was a present that a friend brought back for Copenhagen for me. The blue is reclaimed yarn from an old cardigan of my Grandmother's that she brought back from Edinburough. So, they have already seen the world and I've just started wearing them.

More to follow.

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