Monday, August 4, 2008

What I did today

-laundry, it was nice and sunny out to dry on the line
-fed chickens, gathered eggs
-brought an entire load full of garbage to the dump out of my basement. I'm sorry, it went to landfill but just because there is too much stuff in the world does not mean it had to live in my basement
-got more sand for the chicken run (grit)
-worked on the chicken tractor (it's almost done!)
-pruned the tree over the driveway (finally)
-visited with a friend
-fed the chickens their greens (dandelion)
-poked at the compost (does this count as productive?)
-dined on local bison and fresh homegrown veggies (thanks Jenn & Paul!)
-squished my dog (mental health time)
-didn't feel like writing a real blog post... goodnight!

1 comment:

bryant said...

Hi Beaweezil,

I feed my chickens dandelion leaves as well and they really like them, but I find that after a few weeks, their egg yolks begin to take on a bitter taste. As a result, I moderate the amount they get to maybe once a week. I would be interested to see if you notice the same phenomena.

Ed in Spokane