Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Done!

Tadah.... I would like to show off the awesome new chicken tractor my Dad and I built over the last two weeks. Otherwise known as the little red tractor and the MPU (mobile poulty unit).

I'm really pleased with the whole setup. For the first time in this entire chicken adventure I did have to go and buy some lumber. Six whole 2/4's. Of course, I am already lined up for several days working on the saw mill this fall to replenish the lumber pile over at Dad's house.

Right now there are three very freaked out chickens hanging out in there. I was going for four but, I gave up on catching another one. Just too stressfull for every one involved.

By the way, those ladies don't look any bigger than last time I put their pictures up, but take my word for it. They are signifigantly bigger.

So, what project next....


Nell said...

The MPU is fabulous!!! I want a chicken!

Chat Noir Books - A Voice in the Wilderness said...

Looks great!!

Chewy27 said...

Ah an MPU. That is some good buildin'. It is amazing what they turn the wood from a torn down shed into now adays isn't it....hehe.

Malcolm said...

Beaweezil I heard you on CBC Morning North with Markus. You did an amazing interview. I have a few free range chicks and they are a very versatile easy to handle farm tool of useful proportions.
Thanks for bringing your chicken tractor know how to more small family operations.