Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's On the Table

I have been working very hard the last week or so. This is one of three bridesmaid's dresses that are very close to being done. The flaw in the "Get Them All Done On the Long Weekend" plan was that the prototype dress was never hemmed. Therefore we never saw the hem to see that a blind hem in this satin is impossible. So.... all three dresses are hemless awaiting first a sample from me of one more type of hem and the the bride to choose what she likes.

First I am taking a couple of days "off". Off is qualified as there will probably be at least one day of wardrobe planning for my zombies. Other than that, rest, recreation and wardrobe planning is a holiday in my world.

Happy happy....

ps.. no sign of a mama bird, I may have some orphan eggs on my hands.

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