Sunday, May 6, 2007

Garden Season

Today I feel like I have really started gardening season. I cleaned out the compost, moved the compost bins to kill a new section of lawn and planted asparagus. This is noteworthy, I have wanted asparagus for a long, long time. In fact so much I have been responsible for two other beds being planted at friend's houses. I now have my own.

While cleaning out the compost I made some discoveries. The bags, labelled compsostable that came as shipping packaging I put in last year are, in fact not even a little bit biogradable. I mean, look at that picture, those are completely functional, usable, albeit dirty plastic bags. After a year of biodegrading! The only other things I had to dig out were the usual assortment of sticks, small logs and corn cobs and of course the wooden spoon that is 2 years in and still completely solid! Nothing like a good compost challenge to keep it interesting.

I'm a geek.