Sunday, July 27, 2008

Etsy and Me

I have been working to get some more things up on my Etsy site. One of the definite challenges is photo editing. I'm not very good at it but I'd like to think I'm getting better. Currently I'm using GIMP which seems to be a really decent open source software. (Down with microsft!)

First step, what to shoot. I had this waspie I made a while back to test out a pattern and it's prototypes like that which I intend to clear out of here. So I found the closest, cheapest, most available model and got myself dressed and cleaned up a bit.

Second step, figure out the timer. HA! At the time I only seemed to be able to set a 10 second delay. So I spent a while screwing around, hitting the button on the tripod and leaping back and trying to get stationary before the flash. Yeah... sure. Much leaping about being a goof ball, laughing my butt off. But finally I figured there's got to be a shot in there I can edit down to something. I had no intention of this shot really being about me but rather edited down to show the waspie.

Third step, download and laugh. One shot, I looked so stunned I laughed and laughed out loud at. So, not being particularily proud I sent it on to my friend Matt so he could laugh as well. Now this is Matt Ficner of the Creepy Puppet Project, so he is swamped with the fabulous response he's getting from the latest, Dusty Zombie.

Fourth, open mouth in amazement. A couple of hours later I checked my email to find me, 'touched up' and looking rather fab if I do say so myself. Fierce. I may just use this photo for everything....

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