Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reclamation Process

That all sounds very high and mighty doesn't it? I'm trying to reclaim some yarn from an old cardigan. My Grandmother brought this sweater home from a trip to Scotland and it was quite special to her. I have still been wearing it but it's (or was) full of holes and I know if I don't get one of those old fav but completely disreputable clothing items out of the house I will continue to wear it. So, I pulled it apart. The fronts were steaked unfortunately but the rest gave up quite a bit of quite nice wool. So in for a soak, a stretch and I'll swatch some things up and see if it can become a new vest (as my old one seems to be full of holes! See a theme here at all?!)

Maybe this can be called The Winter Bea Cleans Up Her Look.

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Chat Noir Books - A Voice in the Wilderness said...

That's neat. I didn't even know I you could reclaim wool like that - it makes sense.