Friday, April 20, 2007

An evening at work...

No one at work can read this... I knit and listened to podcasts ALL night.. the lime and violet rainforest sock is waiting for a kitchenered toe (if I had a needle it would be done.) The one and only advantage to working weekends is how quiet the shifts can be. I think I needed this down time.

Found out last night the funding on the BIG PROJECT is delayed, this removed a whole lot of stress but also was a bit of a let down. So I kinda took the day off fibre wise, surfed some amazing inspirational sites... maybe I'll be back at in with a vengance next week. I really have to find the time to do some stuff from my imagination. Though I spend so much time doing made to order stuff that when I get that all done I'm kinda spent.

me me me.. that's where I've been all day, in my head... that's ok sometimes but wow... I can't do this often, it's not always a happy friendly place in there!


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